ElGhabh Project

ElGhabh Project is a huge wood forest project that produce a high quality wood by planting the fastest growing tree "paulownia" on a large areas


the wood produced from the forest is the strongest light wood in the world as it called "aluminum wood" and it is involved in the manufacture of all the wood products,and some products could n`t have been made from another wood but the paulownia


ElGhabh Project is the biggest project of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East by one of the top specialists in the cultivation of the wood trees and the paulownia

ElGhabh Project

you can be one of elghabh project owners

now you can buy 1000 or more Trees in the project and pay its price and its cultivation cost and the annual care

  • the company will plant and cultivate it until production

  • the company cultivates an area of 30000 Trees every year  and only sell 20000 Trees for others the rest is owned by the company

  • the company sells the annual forest production of timber for the whole stage (30000 Trees), and give each one of the owners his financial return

Contact us


for more details about participating in the project and the price plan and the revenue per 1000 Trees, contact us by phone or whats app

we will reply in 48 working hours


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