Paulownia tree is the fastest growing tree in the world and the fastest for producing wood

Paulownia Wood

paulownia wood is the strongest light wood in the world so it has great demand in all the world because it involves in all the wood products

paulownia wood used for


some parts of the fancy cars

some parts of the aircrafts (caravans)



Water sport materials such as surfboards, wakeboards, skies, etc.



wooden and mobile houses (caravans)

Veneers for plywood and for facing lower quality wood


Barrels, especially those used for acids, wine, etc.

the company provides paulownia seedlings with the specifications required that is suitable for the temperature of Egypt and the Arab countries , by passing them in several stages starting from the tissue culture to the final stage "hardening phase in the open air" to produce strong seedlings with standard specifications that exceed the growth rate of any others seedlings

Examples of paulownia farms in Egypt and Arab countries by us

  • the company also provides all the information and proper steps of cultivation and caring for the paulownia trees for all its customers

  • the company also follows up all its customers for free to reach the highest growth rates and to get the highest revenue from planting the paulownia tree

  • you can also request a full planting stage from the company and the company will deliver the land with the seedlings planted and will compensate the wasted seedlings during cultivation for free

  • Finally , the company`s most important objective is to buy any paulownia tree or paulownia wood from any one in Egypt

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Paulownia Wood
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